Manufacturers and Exporters Of Surgical Instruments & Operation Table Mounted Arms/Fixation Attachments.
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About Us
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ADITEK was founded in 2000. We are manufacturers and exporters of all types of high quality surgical and dental instruments. Aditek was started to work with top hospitals and private surgical centers. It provided a direct contact with surgeons who were the real users of what was being produced for years with almost no observations or criticism. Now with years of experience we are dedicated to build on-going relationships with surgeons, instrument distributors and other surgical exporters to meet the ever-changing requirements of the operating room. We have the ability and expertise to meet the demand with required quality standards of our international buyers’ located world wide
Quality Manufacturing
ADITEK is involved in manufacturing quality medical devices and all sorts of surgical, dental instruments since 2000 and carry a reputation for quality products and excellent services. Here our Manufacturing skills are combined with modern manufacturing processes to produce products of high quality. Each instrument is designed and manufactured to the most exacting and rigorous standards as set forth by ISO and the CE marking. We also have trained and experienced employees following precise processes, design, quality control and customer service systems which guarantees that your product will meet its specifications every time.. Our main goal is to deliver products with superior feel and finish that meet customer specifications and time tables.
START TO FINISH WE HAVE YOUR MANUFACTURING NEEDS COVERED WITH OUR MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES.As we have access to all instrument forgings, experienced craftsmen and precision manufacturing equipment, we can take your surgical instruments or devices from concept through mass production.
Aditek is committed to achieve the mission of producing excellent quality, precision surgical instruments and implants by refining and controlling our processes in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence through continuous improvement.
where our objective is to:

  • Clearly understand our customers' needs and requirements.
  • Enhance our commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction throughout our organization
  • Develop an inherent customer friendly Quality Management System that defines, provides for benchmarks and controls to ensure conformance to regulatory requirements along with customer expectations.

Therefore placing top priority on the production of quality products. Quality control here is not just inspecting the final product before shipment. It is a continuous process that starts with the quoting phase and continues through the final inspection. Implementing and maintaining systems and processes for customer service, design, manufacturing and quality control allowing us to produce repeatable results. We will invest in state of the art manufacturing equipment and utilize only the highest quality material in our products
Customer satisfaction
All products manufactured and supplied by ADITEK comply with the requirements of recognized international standards and quality Management systems ISO and CE mark. As a result of the quality products Manufactured by our company carry comprehensive guarantees and Entire satisfaction of the customers. We guarantee our quality by refining and controlling our processes from price quoting to scheduling to producing to specification to final inspection. Our commitment to continuous quality improvement ensures we deliver a repeatable quality product on time.
Our success depends on establishing enduring relationships with our customers and consistently producing high quality products that meet their demanding standards and timetables in a fast and cost effective manner. We give full value to our customer’s ideas, high quality and in time deliveries producing high quality, innovative surgical, medical and dental instruments.We maintain a complete inventory of our products from immediate delivery. Friendly customer service staff to answer questions and take your orders .Free Repair service is also given to our worthy clients.

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